Registering a business can pose a significant challenge for a starter, especially in a foreign country where laws are different from the home country. Singapore is one of the world’s business hubs, and incorporating a business is simple, with prior knowledge of the requirements. I will now take you through the process of registering a limited liability company in Singapore.

Requirements for fast Singapore company incorporation

  • Company name-every company must have a unique name before the commencement of the registration process.
  • Registered address-it is a requirement for every company to have an address for keeping the company statutory documents, which cannot be a post office box.
  • Share capital- there is a minimum share capital required for starting a business, which you can increase in due process.
  • Directors- a company can hire directors from any country in the world, but at least one director must be a resident of Singapore.
  • Shareholding- a company must have at least one shareholder and at most fifty shareholders. The shareholders can be residents of Singapore or non- residents.
  • Company secretary-a company must appoint a secretary who is a resident of Singapore within a period not exceeding six months after incorporation.

Process of incorporating a business in Singapore

Registering a business in Singapore is an online three-step process which makes it fast. I will explain in detail the three-fold process.

1.Approval of company name

For fast Singapore company incorporation to take effect, the company must choose a unique name that should not be vulgar and not contravening any trademark. A company name that is in line with the above guidelines receives approval in a couple of minutes. Some other names take longer in getting approval if they contain some restricted words which require referral to other government agents for consideration. After approval of the company name, the company has the right to reserving the name for a duration not exceeding two months. A company cannot reserve a name for more than four months, failure to incorporate the company after the lapse of four months leads the release of the name, and any other company can reserve it.

2.Preparation of company registration documents

  • The second step after the approval of the company name is obtaining the following documents.
  • The articles of association which is also the company constitution
  • An acceptance document by all directors to act as company directors known as consent.
  • Consent document signed by the company secretary accepting the offer to serve as the company secretary. It is a requirement that all documents are translated into English or are in English.

3.Register with the company registrar

A company that has all the above-stated documents is due for incorporation in less than an hour. If the documents require further vetting by other government agencies, the incorporation process can delay and take a couple of weeks. The incorporation process is fast because it is an online process.

After incorporation, you have the right to commence business immediately. There are no obstacles that should stop you from conducting business in Singapore. The ideas above are helpful for fast Singapore company incorporation to residents and non- residents who wish to start companies and do not know where to start.


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Treating Corns on Bottom of Feet

Corns are the hard, thickened area of the skin that occurs at the sides of the toes and bottom of the feet. They are annoying and can be painful, but they form to protect your sensitive skin.

What causes corns?
They can develop as a result of improper walking motion and wearing ill-fitting shoes. Many people get corn after wearing ill-fitting shoes for a long time. Wearing shoes and sandals without socks can also cause foot corns due to increased friction.


Types of feet corns
There are three main types of corn that can form on your feet: seed, soft, and hard. Seed corns are small and usually form at the bottom of the feet. Soft corns are grey or whitish and have a rubbery texture that often appears between toes. Hard corns form a wider area of thickened skin on the feet.


Treating corns on the bottom of the feet
The best treatment of feet corns is avoiding the repetitive actions that made them develop. Using protective pads and wearing properly fitting shoes will make them disappear. If they are painful, you should visit your doctor.


Medical treatments of feet corns
If you have diabetes or any other chronic condition that affects blood circulation, you should seek medical attention. The doctor may trim the thickened skin using a scalpel during the office visit. Your doctor can also prescribe or apply corn removal medication, such as a patch containing 40 percent salicylic acid. The doctor will then recommend how often you will need to replace the patch. He or she may also recommend using a nail file, emery board, or pumice stone to smooth away dead skin before applying another patch. In rare instances, the doctor may prescribe surgery to correct the alignment of the bone that might be causing friction.


Home remedies for treating corns on bottom of feet
You should only try to treat corns on your own if you are healthy and don’t have conditions such as diabetes that cause poor blood circulation. You can treat corns by soaking your feet in warm and soapy water to soften and make it easy to remove them. You can also use over-the-counter pads, but be careful most of them contain salicylic acid that can irritate your skin and cause an infection.
Rubbing corns with a pumice stone, washcloth, emery board, or nail file can also help remove a layer of the toughed skin.


How to prevent feet corns
Most feet corns form when there is friction between the skin and the shoe or sandal. Wearing a comfortable shoe with high arch support and socks and moistening your feet can help prevent corns.…

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What is a Minimalist Design for Homes?

You may have already heard the term minimalism and minimalist before, but what is a minimalist design for homes? Over the years, minimalism has gained popularity as a design concept for homes. Also, many people adopted the principle of minimalism into their lives.

Minimalist home design is all about creating a more suitable plan that uses simple color, detail, material, space, and form. Nothing should be elaborate or sophisticated. The only concept that you need to keep in mind is simplicity – the simpler the design and layout, the better.

Advantages of having a Minimalist Design for your Home

A minimalist design is both elegant and economical – something that you may not have thought possible. Economical is a term that is rarely paired with elegance, which is usually associated with expensive decors and other things that cost an insurmountable amount of money. To better understand the minimalist design, take a look at the following advantages:

1. A minimalist design does not fade with time.

When something is elegant, it is usually classy and timeless. A well-thought-of minimalist design will almost always never go out of style. It uses basic colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

2. You don’t need too much furniture when you want to follow the minimalist design.

The furniture that you need to use will be the ones that you will be using a lot – no extras. Don’t add any furnishings and decorations that you don’t really need. A wall with a single décor or none at all gives off a calm vibe as compared to a wall with too many picture frames and decorations.

3. The room looks bigger when you follow a minimalist design.

Because you don’t put too many things in the room, you can see a lot of space that makes the room looks bigger than it is. You will notice that it is easier to breathe, and it gives you a calm feeling.

4. It is easy to clean and manage a space the follows the minimalist concept.

There’s practically nothing to arrange and organize when you are keeping a minimalist home. All you need to do is dust the surfaces and mop the floor, and you’re done.

A simple home finishing is also easier to maintain and clean than the one with an elaborate design. Finishing with a complicated design will eventually turn ugly when you fail to clean it properly.

5. You can save more money.

You can save more money because you don’t need to buy more decorations and other things that you don’t really need. The things that you currently own are more than enough to help you live well. Don’t buy things that you don’t really need. In the end, they will only turn into clutter.

6. You can gain a more relaxing time for yourself.

When you have a minimalist home, you can have more time to relax anywhere in your home. Every space or room can give you the tranquility that you need when you don’t have so many things to see. Your eyes can relax and be at ease.

Now that you have an idea regarding what is a minimalist interior design for homes, and you come to know the advantages of minimalism, isn’t it about time to try it in your own home?…

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The Different Types of Cooking Hobs

There are four types of cooking hob Singapore that you can have in your kitchen, and these are the electric, gas, induction and ceramic. Each of these has different own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know how to pick the best cooking hob for your kitchen then you should know that it is essential to know about the different types of hobs.


How to Pick The Best Cooking Hob For Your Kitchen?

Of all the different types of hob present in the market, induction hobs have the most advanced technology. It has the highest performance capability. These hobs use a cooking method that makes for substantial exactness and speed. It features field system windings under every heat source and streams the required warmth to cooking pot’s surface. It only works with pot materials that can respond to their ferromagnetic field. It means that pots made from iron, cast iron or cooking pots with the base of ferromagnetic discs. Cooking pots made of aluminium, copper or glass cannot work with induction hob. Raising or lowering the cooking temperature is more precise and instantaneous than in gas hobs. In a single second, you go from low simmer to intense warmth.


Ceramic hobs are equipped with plaque elements that have halogen sources which produce heat by beaming and after that, with the production of consecutive impulses. When compared to electric hobs, they are much superior in performance. When compared with gas and induction hobs, they are much inferior. They can achieve higher temperature quickly as they are equipped with halogen sources. It is only useful for food simmering. Since they are risky, most of these models are provided with heat safety systems for the protection of the users. It also has a function that turns off the hob if in case you have forgotten to switch it off. You can also clean it easily with a sponge.


Electric hobs are great for cooking solidity as they have cast iron surfaces. Delays in heating and cooling in electric hobs due to the slow conductivity of the metal are its main disadvantage. Among all the different types of hobs, it is considered as the least appropriate sources of heat for cooking. These hobs neither have timers nor any safety features. Cleaning them can be quite messy if there are any food spills.


Gas hobs are the most used kitchen hobs. It is due to easy-to-use capabilities and high-performance. Modern models have integrated lightning control to make cooking easier, and some also have other controls that instantly changes cooking temperatures. Elaborate cooking through easy variations of temperature is one of its advantages. Some hobs also have a timer, and this cuts the gas supply after programmed elapses of cooking time. Most of the hobs are also provided with a thermocouple security system that stops the gas flow if in case, the flame is extinguished. It is very essential for the safety and security of the user. Like any other hobs, it has a disadvantage. Its only disadvantage is cleaning. It’s quite difficult to clean the grills, burners and plate bottoms. The use of a strong cleaning product can make the work easier.


If you are considering buying a wok for yourself, then you can buy products from Whirlpool and Ariston Channel as they have different models of hobs available. They are among the best electronic companies in the world. You can rely on the products from Whirlpool and Ariston Channel. They have the best professionals and a good customer service team. So make sure that you choose a good product. You can also compare their products online and choose the best product for yourself.…

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Are pets expensive in Singapore

If you are interested in owning a pet in Singapore and are wondering are pets expensive in Singapore then you need to know that it depends upon pet to pet. Each pet has its own market value. There are various factors which influence the market value of the pet such as rarity, prestige value, etc. there are some pets which are acquired by people due to their highly desirable traits which are suited for different types of needs, whereas, there are some which are only acquired as a symbol of status and wealth Moreover, there would be some cost required for both acquiring the pet as well as raising and taking proper care of them and these depends upon from where you are acquiring the pet and the way in which you are taking care of your pet. You might even need to bring them to a dog clinic Singapore.

Whichever pet you are having, it is very essential to have a good and reliable vet for your pet. You need to take enough time for thoroughly evaluating various options before choosing a vet for your pet. Though there are many vets available these days, however, all of them are not reliable. So, you need to carefully find a good and reliable vet who would help your pet in the right way when it requires any kind of help. There are many licensed, trusted and reliable veterinary clinic available in Singapore where they take great care of pets. So, you should consider visiting them for the well being of your pet. They don’t charge huge amount of money for the checkups and treatments. So, you don’t need to worry about the amount they would be charging you.

If in case you want to know about their reviews then you can look for them online. There are many great reviews available online which will help you to determine whether you should trust the vet for your pet or not.…

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Why It Is Important to Maintain Good Tenancy

Maintaining superb tenancy and an overall positive reputation amongst landlords and owners is very important when receiving the best deals and lease terms. Being a good tenant is very important when renting someone else’s property. Good tenants are trusted by their landlords and are likely to receive the best deals when renewing the lease. Good tenants typically always pay their rent on time and are not late with their monthly dues. This is very important when maintaining a positive reputation with a landlord. If a landlord trusts their tenant, they are likely to allow them to rent again with a discounted rate. Being a good tenant also ensures you are not evicted.

How to Be a Good and Respectful Tenant for Success

Good tenants are individuals that respect the rules administered by the landlord. Some of the most common rules administered by a landlord include pet regulations, noise regulations and specific terms for the lease agreement. For example, some leases state that pets are not allowed. If your lease does not allow pets, you should respect this. This is very important to note as many properties do not accommodate pets and therefore if a tenant has a pet they are not permitted to live there. There are many other rules that may apply to leases such as noise regulations.

For example, if a tenant is very noisy during late hours of the night with music, they may be subject to eviction. Therefore, it is very important for tenants to be respectful of this and carefully ensure they are following the rules and terms of the lease agreements. Lease agreements are one of the best ways to ensure that both the tenant and owner are on the same page. These rules should be stated and clearly outlined in the lease agreement so both individuals understand what is expected. Good tenants also pay their monthly rent on time. Owners and landlords appreciate when tenants pay their rent by the scheduled due date. The due date symbolizes the day on which the rent is required to be paid. This is very important to note as many tenants respect this and pay their rent on time.

Singapore House Cleaning

Singapore house cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure your property stays clean. Keeping the property clean will ensure you maintain a positive reputation with the owner. Often, tenants are busy and do not have enough time to thoroughly clean their property. Therefore, Singapore house cleaning service is the easiest and most convenient way to keep properties clean all year round. Singapore home cleaners are trained in the best methods for keeping homes clean and organized.


This builds a strong relationship of trust over time and therefore landlords can rely on tenants to successfully pay their rent. Often time landlords or owners may discount the rent for the next lease agreements as a result of a good tenant’s actions. This is one of the main benefits when developing a respectful reputation with a landlord or owner of a property.…

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bed bug pest control

Benefits of Hiring the Most Reliable Bed Bug Pest Control in Singapore

Bed bugs can be quite difficult to exterminate. Moreover, if you do not succeed in exterminating even a small portion of these mischievous creatures, their comparatively long longevity together with their capability of procreating quickly can imply that a minor bed bug issue can become a major one in no time at all. Consequently, it is important to make sure that any method selected for fixing this bed bug problem is 100% effective. For this reason, many individuals nowadays go for the best pest control for bed bugs in Singapore. In this article, we have described why it will be a good idea to hire a reliable bed bug pest control Singapore.

Why use the best pest control for bed bugs in Singapore?

  1. Helps to identify your pest problem correctly

    It is the fact that bed bugs are quite small, and therefore, you might experience a bed bug problem without even noticing any bugs whatsoever. Nevertheless, the red welts which are an indication of infestation by bed bugs might also come with other bug infestations. It will be possible for any professional to make sure that bed bugs are actually your problem.

  2. Uses fewer insecticides

    If you are making use of a do-it-yourself approach, you might be using more pesticides can what is actually required in order to become more effective. Although you might be using insecticides that are safe around your pets and kids, you’ll nevertheless want to restrict your family’s exposure to them. On the other hand, any professional will be using a limited amount of pesticides for sure.

  3. Heat treatment

    The most reliable pest control bed bugs Singapore can boast of having the proper equipment for using steam or heat treatments for exterminating the bed bugs. This is definitely the most effective treatment method for getting rid of these bugs and it is possible for heat treatments to get to the cracks plus crevices which are the usual hiding places for the insects. This cannot be achieved by other treatment methods at present.

  4. Common bug sprays

    Bed bugs are usually immune to the common bug sprays. If you want to handle them by only using sprays, then you need to leave behind the immune bugs which can prove to be a greater issue than what you had initially.

    Apart from all these above-mentioned benefits of hiring the most reliable and competent bed bug pest control Singapore, there are several more that we will mention right now. It is possible for the bed bugs to hibernate for an extended span of time even without food. Therefore, a professional will help to make sure that you have actually got rid of them. Moreover, professional service in Singapore is usually a guaranteed one which is helpful while combating persistent pests such as bed bugs.



Besides all these benefits mentioned in this article, there might be some more which we have not covered here. If you like to enrich your knowledge on the subject, make it a point to go online and look at the relevant articles and videos out there.…

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Saving Electricity in Singapore

save electricity in singapore

As one of the most expensive places to live in the world those who reside with in Singapore are always looking for a way to save money in order to enjoy the beautiful sights of the small island city-state. When looking towards effective cost saving steps one of the first places individuals often look is towards energy, more specifically electricity.

How to save electricity in Singapore?

 One simple method for Singaporeans who are looking to save money on the electricity bill to use is to make the switch to Senoko energy. Senoko has been in business for over 40 years during which time they have gained an unparalleled level of expertise. Despite being established in the 1970’s Senoko is one of the most innovate energy providers around, the Senoko energy app allows customers to monitor their energy usage, view and pay their energy bills from their phone, and to even redeem smart rewards including: event and food discounts.

Beyond providing an exceptional customer experience, Senoko energy answers the question of how to save electricity in Singapore. Senoko provides both individual houses and businesses with custom tailored plans to fit any and all needs. From the Senoko website consumers can choose from among 8 pre-priced plans or chat with an online representative to help answer any questions/ deal with any problems that customers may have. Switching to Senoko and obtaining significant savings can be done in three simple steps.  Making sure you choose a reliable electricity retailer in Singapore is also crucial.

If simply saving money on your next electricity bill is not enough to consider a switch to Senoko, then perhaps the companies emphasis on clean/renewable energy solutions will be. Senoko provides green energy solutions including solar panels, and emission credits. Senoko energy also provides energy audits and subsequent consultations in an effort to help lower costs, increase energy efficiency, and or implement sustainable energy solutions.


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Can myopia be cured?

There is no known cure for myopia. However, spectacles or contact lenses can help those with myopia to see clearly.

LASIK is another option that myopic adults can explore to help improve the functional status of the eye and remove the inconvenience of wearing spectacles or contact lenses. Such a surgical procedure however, does not cure myopia and is not recommended for young people below the age of 21 as their eyeballs are still developing and their myopia has not stabilised.

Prevention of myopia and delaying its progression early in life are important steps to take in the management of this condition.…

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Caregiving for diabetic patients

As a caregiver you are an essential part of the t​​​​​eam to assist and help someone with diabetes take control over his/her condition.

Diabetes care is more than just taking care of the disease. Encouragement and support are needed so that the person in your care is able to live a better quality and productive life.

As a caregiver it is important to have a better understanding of diabetes and its serious consequences and to learn some skills on the management of diabetes.

Recognising symptoms

One of the basic things to learn as a caregiver is to be able to recognise the symptoms that may require immediate attention.

Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose)

Symptoms: Shakiness, sweating, weakness, dizziness, irritability, hunger, headache, mood swing, staggering gait.

What to do:

  • Check blood glucose to confirm; give a glass of fruit juice or 3 to 4 teaspoons sugar in water. Keep some sweets like a bar of chocolate if symptoms occur.
  • Repeat the above measures in 10 to 15 minutes if blood glucose level is still below 4.0 mmol/l.
  • If symptoms persist or extreme confusion exist, seek immediate medical attention or call for an ambulance.

Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose)

Symptoms: Thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, drowsiness, blurred vision

What to do: 

  • Check blood glucose
  • Check urine for ketones if blood glucose is over 240 mg/dl (> 13 mmol/l)
  • Continue to drink plenty of water
  • Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Diabetic ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) or diabeteic coma is a life-threatening condition that develops when there is too little insulin in the body. Without insulin, the body cannot use glucose (sugar) for energy instead it begins to break down fat and protein for energy. In the process, toxic acids are produced known as ketones. Untreated diabetic ketoacidosis can be fatal.

Symptoms: Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, extreme drowsiness, rapid breathing, flushed skin, sweet fruity odour to breath

What to do:   

  • Check blood glucose which is usually above 15mmol/l.
  • Check urine for ketones. Urine dipstick tests for ketones are available for home use.
  • Call doctor/ambulance immediately or bring him/her to the A&E department.

Important Aspects of Care

Checking Blood Glucose Level

One of the areas that you can assist as a caregiver is monitoring the blood glucose level. This will require skill on how to do a blood glucose test at home using a glucometer. When purchasing a glucometer, check with your doctor or diabetes nurse educator on the type of glucometer that is right for the person with diabetes.

Please remember the following when helping to take a blood sample by finger prick method.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before doing the test.
  2. Ensure the person’s hand is clean. You may rinse the hands in lukewarm water and then dry to improve circulation for a better sample.
  3. Do gentle massage of the hands before pricking the finger to improve circulation.
  4. When pricking the finger, use the side of the fingertip rather than the front top because it’s less painful.
  5. Apply gentle pressure on the finger pad with the sides push out to get a better sample.

Follow your family doctor’s advice on the frequency of home blood glucose monitoring that is required for the person under your care.

Managing Diet

As a caregiver, ensure that healthy eating habits are practised. Be aware of variations in the diet and learn how to adjust the diet based on the meal plan as recommended by the dietitian. Help the person in your care to choose food wisely and encourage a well balanced meal. Consult the dietitian or doctor for problems difficulties in managing the diet.

  • Use My Healthy Plate as your guide in planning the meal(s). Provide a variety of food from the four food groups.
  • Keep meals regular
  • Be mindful of the portion sizes when preparing or serving food

Encouraging Exercise

Know the benefits of physical activity in lowering blood glucose level. Physical activity not only helps in the control of diabetes but also improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke. Assist the person in your care to realise the importance of physical activity and ensure that it is regular.

Be also mindful of the possible risks when engaging in physical activity such as hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose). Know the signs of hypoglycaemia such shakiness, dizziness, hunger, or weakness. Remember to bring sweets or fruit juices every time.

Giving Medication

Most persons with diabetes also have other medical condition(s) such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol level, and may be on medication for such problems. Know what medication(s) that the person under your care is taking and understand how it works and the potential side effects. Inform the doctor immediately if the person experiences any reaction to the medication(s).

As a caregiver, ensure that medications are taken or given (in the case of insulin injection) on time and regularly as prescribed by the doctor. Some people with diabetes are afraid of insulin injection causing rejection or non-compliance in their treatment. Helping them to overcome their fear is an important role that you can do.

Taking Care of the Feet

Foot care is very important in persons with diabetes. The person with diabetes may develop foot problems arising from either nerve damage, also called neuropathy, or poor circulation. When sensory nerves are damaged, feelings are lost and he may be unaware of a wound or breakdown of skin that can lead to infection. Diabetic foot ulcers are serious because they do not heal well resulting in gangrene which can lead to amputation.

It is important to keep the blood glucose level under control to minimise the risk of foot problems. As a caregiver, ensure that you assist in the care of the feet every day.

  • Wash and inspect feet daily and seek medical care if you spot a problem
  • Look for changes in skin colour, or feeling
  • Gently rub skin lotion over the feet, but not between the toes
  • Trim toenails straight across and file the edges
  • Protect feet from extremes of temperature
  • Let him use proper and comfortable footwear at all times
  • Bring him to the doctor at least once a year for foot assessment and more often if foot problems arise

Helping A Person with Diabetes

A person with diabetes is faced with many challenges to keep the condition under control. Diabetes care is a team effort that goes beyond treating the disease. Family and friends support plays an important role in improving the quality of life.

A person with diabetes may face more and more stress as incapacity due to old age and other medical conditions set in. Therefore, the role of the caregiver becomes even more important in the delivery of care.

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