Handheld computers used in businesses to run mobile apps, scan barcodes, and take pictures and videos are Mobile Computers.

Mobile computers come in various sizes and shapes, including smartphones, tablets, and rugged portable PCs.

Generally, users of mobile computers will be able to:

  • Install and run software programs
  • Use a wireless or cellphone network to get online.
  • You can use Bluetooth to connect to other devices.
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Consider taking pictures or filming
  • You can exchange voice and data.
  • Device-specific options and capabilities will be different.

Mobile Computers Common Benefits

When used for asset tracking, Datalogic mobile devices give various advantages to firms that use them:

  • Accuracy
  • Eliminate human mistakes and save money by not letting them happen again.
  • Increases in Production
  • Boost your organization’s output by accelerating your throughput.
  • Management of Information

A field-bus communication protocol can be used to optimize your processes without the requirement for manual data entry.


Ideally, you should be able to trace every one of your units throughout the supply chain until they reach their final destination. It ensures that no stages are overlooked throughout the manufacturing or distribution operations to prevent any possible negative impact.


To ensure the most outstanding performance and outcome, improve the quality of your product or service utilizing mobile barcode readers to control development and manufacturing operations.


Voice over IP/LTE capabilities allows for real-time information transmission.

Which industry do you expect to see the highest use of Mobile Computers?

Mobile Computers have long played an essential part in workflows and processes in three industries: warehousing, transportation and logistics, and retail. They’re utilized in every area from manufacturing to healthcare to the energy sector; they’re even used in education and government activities.

Top Three Products


CipherLab’s RS35 smartphone, a pocketable consumer-style device with enterprise-class functionality, will provide a better daily solution for your company and its employees. Integral scanning, robust processing, an easy-to-use touchscreen, and dependable connectivity all work together to increase efficiency and effectiveness. For in-store Wi-Fi access, the RS35 provides a high level of reliability. The user’s experience is further enhanced by the availability of GPS/AGPS and quick roaming. The RS35’s user-friendly design is a major selling point. It helps users become more accustomed to the technology and speeds up the learning process. Using the 5.5-inch screen is a breeze because of its size. With the RS35, companies have an advantage because mobile workers can get more done in less time because of its versatility.


The CipherLab RS31 series is a next-generation mobile computer with advanced specs for field sales, field service, retail, and healthcare. The RS30 is given other touches to make it the RS31. Along with cutting-edge computing power, the RS31 offers practical applications and peripherals that help boost productivity and prepare businesses for the future.


The RK95 from CipherLab is a capable handheld terminal for warehouse data collecting. The RK95 is equipped with the latest Android operating system, the fastest CPU available today, and Google enterprise certifications to assure future productivity. Excellent reading capability, wireless connection, industrial durability, user interface, and power consumption make the RK95 a sensible and cost-effective investment for your company.



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