Best Vitamins & Supplements That You Should Look Into

In the last few years, the people of Singapore have become more & more conscious about their skincare & overall wellbeing. They have been looking for ways to increase their well-being & improve their skin. And what country could be better to help them, than Japan? Japan has a humongous skincare & well-being industry that provides its customers with great supplements such as vitamins, collagen, etc in various forms, starting from drinks to tablets. In this article, the best Japanese vitamins & supplements will be mentioned, so that you can navigate them & choose the best one for you!

Top vitamins & supplements products with their benefits & how to use them!

The top vitamin & supplement products that have the best Japanese vitamins & are very popular in Singapore are mentioned below:

  • Vitamin C Drinks- Vitamin C is a boon for the skin. It helps with pigmentation that appears because of sunburn & prevents freckles & spots. It also helps with providing you with necessary antioxidants & has anti-aging properties. This drink also has Vitamin B6 which helps in enhancing the antioxidants provided by Vitamin E. This drink also helps with making your complexion better & improves the acne scars.

How to use- Anyone above the age of 15 can consume this drink. Pregnant women are advised to take their doctor’s opinion before the consumption of this drink.

  • Vitamin B Tablets- These tablets are very popular in Singapore as the extracts of Coix seeds help in getting beautiful supple & moist skin. These tablets have L-Cysteine in them which further helps in reducing melanin production & increases skin metabolism which helps in brightening the skin. IT also has Vitamin B6 & B2, which help in reducing oil secretion.

How to use- Consuming these tablets don’t have any hard & fast rules, you can consume them any time of the day but it is always advised to take them after a meal.

  • Collagen Drink or Tablets- It is no new news that collagen is a great thing for your skin. It helps with retaining water in your skin, preventing signs of aging. But the question remains on how to include this wonderful protein in your day-to-day life. This problem is solved by these Japanese collagen drinks & pills. For those people who don’t like popping pills day & night, these drinks are a great alternative. These come in fruity flavors, which makes them a delight to consume. These drinks are immensely popular in Singapore.

How to use- It is advised to consume a drink daily for best results.

How to Take Vitamins for the best results?

The best time to consume vitamins & supplements is after having a meal. This makes the absorption of these vitamins much easier & efficient. This way you can get the best results from consuming them!


As we age, our body starts to deteriorate & lose its capability to produce natural proteins & vitamins. It is always best to start early on with these supplements to nourish the body. So, it could be concluded that these Japanese vitamins & supplements are great products for all those Singaporeans who are looking for a better & healthy life!



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