Comparing car insurance in Singapore

All car owners in Singapore have to purchase insurance for their car, so that they can use the car. The car insurance certificate is also necessary for road tax renewal. There are a large number of companies offering car insurance in Singapore, so choosing the right insurance company can be time consuming and tedious. Now car owners can conveniently compare insurance singapore and find the right insurance provider for the car using the insurance directory at and insurance comparison service. sgcarmart specializes in buying and selling new and used cars. The car insurance service is provided for the convenience of car owners in Singapore.

There are many factors which determine the amount of car insurance which the car owner has to pay. While the car model, year and brand determine the insurance amount to some extent, other important factors are the driver profile and the history of the particular car. Each insurance company uses a different formula for calculating the car insurance based on their experience with car insurance claims and different vehicles, drivers. So it is difficult for a particular driver to find out which is the best car insurance provider, unless they provide specific details for the car and driver.

Now car owners can conveniently get quotes from more than ten leading car insurance companies in Singapore using the sgcarmart car insurance quote services. There are 12 car major insurance companies in Singapore listed with sgcarmart. To get a quote the car owner has to provide details of the car like the car plate number, license date, no claim discount (NCD). He also has to provide personal details like name, date of birth, email, phone number, occupation type and identity proof. Using this information, the sgcarmart will send three of the lowest insurance quotes to the car owner for reference within one business day.

The car owner can compare the insurance quotes to decide which is the best deal for him. The car advisor at sgcarmart will also contact the car owner to provide assistance in choosing the right insurance company, answering queries of the car owner. After this the car owner can finalize the car insurance provider and pay the insurance amount, which is usually up to 25% less than the standard prices. Another advantage of using the sgcarmart services is that they will automatically contact with the best offers at the time of next insurance renewal, three months before the renewal date.

There are multiple benefits of using the online car insurance quote service from sgcarmart. All the paperwork is conveniently done at home, the car owner does not have to visit offices. They will also get free help if they file any insurance claim, and the insurance advisor will help the car owner to get a NCD. In future the car owner will not have to enter the car and personal details online, he will automatically receive three insurance quotes for the car, so that he can choose the right deal. The service is provided by experienced insurance advisors licensed by the regulatory authorities.



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