Feeling too Optimistic? Here are 5 Best Lucky Flowers for you

Flowers both induce and represent emotions and are a perfect way to express them when given as gifts or souvenirs. While most flowers represent emotional boom to portray happiness, a notable few earmark potential luck. If you’re feeling too optimistic, here are the best flowers you can get to attract your luck twofold.

1. Orchids

Orchids are a Chinese staple as much as flowers are concerned, and people believe they channel the Chi energy throughout your body’s chakras. That way, it unifies them, attracting luck to your side. Besides, they’re a symbol of fertility and multiplication and are suitable for couples expecting a newborn since they attract goodwill and ensure safe delivery. You can place some orchids in your meditation space while contemplating or visualizing success.

2. Plum Blossoms

If you’re struggling with ill health, then it’s about time you became more optimistic with plum blossoms. These winter flowers gather a positive Chi that impacts the healing and confer good health, and you might receive some spontaneous healing that you need. You can get these flowers through free same day flower delivery in Singapore and get on with it right away. However, remember to take good care of them since they’re usually delicate and require caution.

3. Hydrangeas

Besides channeling endless spasms of joy and a wave of energy on end, these blue beauties are a lucky charm to pull all success to your side. You can get these flowers through free same day flower delivery in Singapore pretty fast and set the magnet for goodwill and success for yourself. Besides, you’d fancy the calming blue hues meeting the eye with grace and the pleasing scents taking over the air in your surroundings endlessly throughout the day.

4. Magnolias

Magnolias have enchanting purplish hues that signify purity and love, and most essentially, prosperity and success. They’re a lucky charm to stick around your home because both Japanese and Chinese cultures believe they attract luck and goodwill. If you wish to attract blessings to your side, free same day flower delivery in Singapore can serve you quickly. That’ll help you patch these lucky magnets in your home and attract the tons of blessings you yearn for.

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5. Bulb Flowers

Bulb flowers seemingly put a tag on your effort and talent so that people can quickly notice. Sometimes, your effort in doing things in your career or at school seems to bear no fruit, and that can be frustrating. However, a bouquet of bulb flowers can be your lucky charm, attracting the blessings you crave for. You can meditate using these flowers while allowing their colorful yellow petals and calming scents to grace your senses before sitting back and seeing how much of a blessing they are to you.


While the only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work, having a bit of it on your side can make things much more seamless. That can be possible if you have these few lucky flowers to give you a shove and edge closer to your blessings. Luckily, getting them isn’t that strenuous, thanks to the free-same-day delivery in Singapore that gets it done for you quickly. You can either place these flowers in your home’s corners or meditate in their presence to attract luck to your side.



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