The Different Types of Cooking Hobs

There are four types of cooking hob Singapore that you can have in your kitchen, and these are the electric, gas, induction and ceramic. Each of these has different own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know how to pick the best cooking hob for your kitchen then you should know that it is essential to know about the different types of hobs.


How to Pick The Best Cooking Hob For Your Kitchen?

Of all the different types of hob present in the market, induction hobs have the most advanced technology. It has the highest performance capability. These hobs use a cooking method that makes for substantial exactness and speed. It features field system windings under every heat source and streams the required warmth to cooking pot’s surface. It only works with pot materials that can respond to their ferromagnetic field. It means that pots made from iron, cast iron or cooking pots with the base of ferromagnetic discs. Cooking pots made of aluminium, copper or glass cannot work with induction hob. Raising or lowering the cooking temperature is more precise and instantaneous than in gas hobs. In a single second, you go from low simmer to intense warmth.


Ceramic hobs are equipped with plaque elements that have halogen sources which produce heat by beaming and after that, with the production of consecutive impulses. When compared to electric hobs, they are much superior in performance. When compared with gas and induction hobs, they are much inferior. They can achieve higher temperature quickly as they are equipped with halogen sources. It is only useful for food simmering. Since they are risky, most of these models are provided with heat safety systems for the protection of the users. It also has a function that turns off the hob if in case you have forgotten to switch it off. You can also clean it easily with a sponge.


Electric hobs are great for cooking solidity as they have cast iron surfaces. Delays in heating and cooling in electric hobs due to the slow conductivity of the metal are its main disadvantage. Among all the different types of hobs, it is considered as the least appropriate sources of heat for cooking. These hobs neither have timers nor any safety features. Cleaning them can be quite messy if there are any food spills.


Gas hobs are the most used kitchen hobs. It is due to easy-to-use capabilities and high-performance. Modern models have integrated lightning control to make cooking easier, and some also have other controls that instantly changes cooking temperatures. Elaborate cooking through easy variations of temperature is one of its advantages. Some hobs also have a timer, and this cuts the gas supply after programmed elapses of cooking time. Most of the hobs are also provided with a thermocouple security system that stops the gas flow if in case, the flame is extinguished. It is very essential for the safety and security of the user. Like any other hobs, it has a disadvantage. Its only disadvantage is cleaning. It’s quite difficult to clean the grills, burners and plate bottoms. The use of a strong cleaning product can make the work easier.


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