Tips To Buy The Best Myopia Control Spectacle Lenses

Myopia is one of the most common vision problems, affecting up to 80% of the world’s population. It is a condition that results in objects being out of focus at near. The usual treatment involves eyeglasses with the added power that is worn prior to focusing on nearby objects to reduce strain on your eyes. Myopia control spectacle lenses, however, could be an alternative option for some people and could provide a solution to get rid of this condition.

Tips for buying:

1. Assess the need for special lenses

These spectacle lenses are ideal when you have a mild case of myopia, which means that a slight curvature has already been developed on your cornea. If you have just been diagnosed with this condition, it would mean that your eyes have only recently begun to change and it is not yet too late to prevent the worsening of the condition. These spectacle lenses can be an option for people who develop myopia as early as 10 years old.

2. Choose the right version

While you are looking for these spectacle lenses, there are two main versions of this item. The first version is a bifocal version that can be worn as everyday glasses to correct near vision and also provide reading glasses. The other version is a trifocal version that can be worn as every day glasses and also provide reading glasses. While the trifocal lens is relatively more expensive than the bifocal, it enables you to find the perfect distance between your eyes and should not place extra strain on your eyes if you’re wearing it for only two hours a day.

3. Properly fit the lens

Specially-made these spectacle lenses require a fine adjustment to their rims by experts. This is because of the specific way these lenses have to be set into your eyes, enabling them to sit comfortably without adding extra pressure on your eyes. This delicate operation could be done in an optical store.

To make sure that you are wearing these glasses properly, you should try moving them around a little bit while they are being worn. Although you will experience slight discomfort when they are placed on top of your nose, the frames should not cause any disturbance after some time. If you are still facing discomfort, it means that you should go back to the store and have your frames modified.

4. Store them properly

To ensure that your spectacle lenses last as long as possible, it is important that you take care of them properly. You should never clean the glasses with any substance other than water or saline solution and should never expose them to heat. Placing these glasses in direct sunlight can damage the lenses and might lead to discolouration or breakage of the frames. Instead of placing your glasses into a bag together with other accessories, place them neatly inside a case so they are not easily damaged by impact or pressure.

5. Look for the right kind of lenses

If you decide that the above-mentioned Myopia control spectacle lenses are right for you, it is now time to consider more details about the product itself. There are many different sorts of these glasses available on market, including bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses, progressive lenses and plus lenses with splitters. Bifocal and trifocal versions have been made for people with different numbers of pupils within their eyes. While the latter type is more cost-effective and user-friendly than the other two, both of them are suitable for most people.



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