Why and When Should You Extract Your Wisdom Tooth?

What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth grows in the back of your mouth. Doctors call them the last set (3rd) of molars. There are four wisdom teeth in your mouth. One pair is on the upper jaw and one pair remains in the lower jaw.

The wisdom tooth does not always grow properly in the right direction. As a result, it can cause pain and swelling. In that case, you may need to remove the tooth.

Types of Wisdom Tooth

1) Horizontally Angled

When your wisdom tooth is horizontally angled, it can damage the second molar teeth. Moreover, the opposite pair of wisdom teeth can collide with this horizontally angled tooth. As a result, you may feel pain and swelling in your gum.

2) Misaligned

A misaligned wisdom tooth can grow in any direction. It can damage your gum or jaw. It can even disturb the growth of the healthy tooth.

3) Angled Inwardly

An inwardly angled wisdom tooth can be dangerous. You may face problems when chewing and your tongue can also get injured.

4) Angled Outwardly

This wisdom tooth can cut open your jaw muscle. Any kind of pressure can become severe as the tooth always points outwardly.

5) A Hidden/Non-Erupted Wisdom Tooth

When a wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt properly, it stays inside the gum. In that case, the tooth can cause pain, swelling, redness, and infection.

6) A Completely Grown Wisdom Tooth

This is a healthy wisdom tooth. If it doesn’t cause any pain, then you shouldn’t be worried. You won’t need any surgery to remove it.

Why Should You Extract Your Wisdom Tooth?

1) Pain

A misaligned wisdom tooth can cause pain. So, whenever you feel extreme pain, you should consult your dentist.

2) Infection

A partially erupted wisdom tooth is not so easy to clean. Therefore, you can face repeated infections from a non-healthy wisdom tooth. Just find a reliable wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore and remove the infected tooth as soon as possible. Infection can spread and it can become serious. Therefore, remove your partially erupted wisdom tooth.

3) Gum Problems

A horizontally positioned wisdom tooth can damage your gum. You may experience swelling and pain. In that case, you should remove the tooth.

4) Other Teeth Problems

A bad wisdom tooth can halt the growth of other healthy teeth. Your healthy teeth may get damaged and you may experience severe pain. Removing your wisdom tooth, you can help your (2nd molar) teeth to grow healthily.

5) Cysts

Wisdom teeth may discharge fluids. The fluid comes from a sac. Now, this fluid can damage your jaw bone. Later it can form cysts. Hence, you should always remove a sick wisdom tooth.

6) Tumors

This is a rare event. But, if you don’t remove a wisdom tooth for a long time, then tumors may form in your gum.

What Is The Ideal Age To Remove Your Wisdom Tooth?

Usually, a person should remove it at his/her young age (12 to 20). But, adults can also remove their wisdom teeth by following a proper surgical procedure.

There are many dental clinics in Singapore. But, you should always choose a licensed and experienced wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore. The dentist who has proper qualification and experience is the ideal one. You should visit such a dentist to extract your wisdom tooth safely



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